About Us

Cosgrove & Associates specializes in providing comprehensive research and evaluation services for educational institutions.

By transforming your data into strategic information, we can provide staff development training to help your organization improve its performance. This leaves you in a better position to make informed decisions and determine not only what works, but it why it works.


Margaret Cosgrove has extensive experience in policy analysis, grant management, evaluation, and classroom faculty. This experience includes developing and evaluating federal block grants for urban redevelopment projects, as well as Department of Labor TAACCCT adult re-training programs. She has a strong background in statistical analysis (SPSS) and in the use of data for continuous improvement. In addition, Ms. Cosgrove has a proven track record of providing excellent training and customer service to nearly 100 colleges and universities.


John Cosgrove has more than 30 years of experience in database design, program and grant evaluation, institutional research, strategic planning, and classroom faculty. He is a proven leader in helping colleges get the most of their assessment and planning processes. His approach to using assessment and evaluation to improve student learning outcomes is documented in the following essays:

  • “Designing Effective Assessment: Principles and Profiles of Good Practice.” (Banta, Trudy, 2009)
  • “Assessment Is More Than Keeping Score: Moving From Inquiry, Through Interpretation, To Action.” (League for Innovation: Learning Abstracts 12.2, 2009)
  • “Culture of Action Using Mission-Based Assessment.” (Assessment Update Update 21.4, 2009)


Denise Coyne, our Senior Research Associate, has more than 30 years of experience in institutional research, planning, and database design.  She is a proven leader in working with colleges to effectively and accurately report and analyze student enrollment and performance data.


Cosgrove & Associates routinely calls upon national experts to assist clients with evaluation, public policy analysis, and transformative change. Bragg & Associates works closely with Cosgrove & Associates to provide this type of support. Dr. Debra Bragg has a Ph.D. in Comprehensive Vocational Education with concentration in Public Policy and Program Evaluation. She is an endowed professor at the University of Illinois, where she directs the Office of Community College Research and Leadership (OCCRL). Dr. Bragg is also leading the multi-foundation funded Transformative Change Initiative in Community Colleges. Dr. Bragg has extensive community college research and evaluation experience, including recent briefings of both the U.S. Department of Labor and White House staff on best practices for community college evaluation and related continuous improvement efforts.

To learn more about Dr. Bragg, click on the following link to visit the Bragg & Associates website: http://www.braggandassociates.com/


Deborah Goodall recently retired as President of Metropolitan Community College-Business & Technology campus, which has been selected twice as one of the 150 community colleges in the nation eligible to apply for the Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence. She was chair of the Missouri Community College Association Presidents and Chancellors Council in 2012-2013. Prior to serving as campus president, Ms. Goodall was the Director of Career and Technical Education for the five Metropolitan Community College campuses. She has considerable experience working with faculty and industry to develop critical workforce programs. She now works closely with Cosgrove & Associates to coordinate the curriculum review process for the MoWINs state consortium grants. Ms. Goodall has a Master’s degree in Industrial and Technical Education from the University of Central Missouri and a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from the University of Colorado.


Joseph Cosgrove is a Research Associate who specializes in GIS mapping and data analysis. Joe is a graduate of The George Washington University with a master’s degree in Sustainable Urban Planning. Joe is experienced in merging demographic/economic data with GIS mapping systems and datasets to analyze community needs and market penetration. Joe is leading the implementation of our GIS mapping system, which evaluates the impact of post-secondary education on regional economic development.


Renee Borage is the website designer for Cosgrove & Associates. She graduated summa cum laude from Drury University in 2012 with degrees in Writing and Design Arts.