Pima Community College

Cosgrove & Associates is currently assisting Pima Community College in the development of a set of strategic directions to help the college more fully develop the social and economic fabric of its community. To achieve this, we are working to increase the number of area residents who access the college’s courses, programs, and services. We are also working to improve the academic achievements and learning outcomes of the college’s students. Included in this effort is the development of key performance indicators and related data collection and analysis strategies to help the college measure its progress in relation to our strategies.



Transformative Change Initiative

Cosgrove & Associates is also partnering with the Gates-funded Community College Transformative Change Initiative to assist colleges in using evaluation results for continuous improvement and program innovation scaling efforts.




Crowder Community College

Cosgrove & Associates is serving as the Third Party Evaluator for Crowder Community College’s U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL), TAACCCT Public Safety Grant. Through the Public Safety Grant, Crowder College is developing new programs and courses, expanding existing programs, and increasing flexibility and access to post-secondary education in the Public Safety Career Pathway.

Cosgrove & Associates is partnering with Crowder College to implement a rigorous evaluation process to examine grant processes, implementation, and progress and performance outcomes. Key areas of inquiry include the following: college/industry partnerships, program design and implementation, performance outcomes, and the use of evaluation data for continuous improvement.


MoHealthWINs & MoManufacturingWINs

Lead Research & Evaluation Firm

Cosgrove & Associates has contracted with the Missouri Community College Association (MCCA) and the MoHealthWINs and MoManufacturingWINs Consortiums to ensure the systematic and timely collection of data required to meet DOL reporting and accountability requirements, Consortium research, and evaluation information needs. Cosgrove & Associates is working with MCCA and Consortium member colleges to address the following evaluation questions:

    • Are individual college strategies and statewide strategies being implemented?
    • Are program participants who enrolled with low academic success improving their skill set?
    • Are grant participants being retained at the appropriate targeted rate?
    • Are grant participants completing the desired degree/certificate award?
    • How do the students involved compare to similar students who are not involved in the grant strategies in their progress, retention rate, completion rate, and employment rate?
    • Are grant participants securing employment in occupations targeted by the Consortium after completion of the program?
    • Are individual colleges demonstrating the capacity to use performance tracking and program evaluation data to continuously improve grant designated strategies and programs?


Kansas City Kansas Community College:

Getting The Most Out Of Strategic Planning

Cosgrove & Associates helped KCKCC focus its strategic planning process on excellence. Using an integrated approach to assessment, planning, and resource allocation, Cosgrove & Associates worked with the college’s strategic planning team to develop a set of strategic planning directions, strategic planning choices, and key performance indicators

To learn more, check out our KCKCC Handout (3/28/12).


State of The St. Louis Area Workforce:

Helping St. Louis Area Employers & Educators Identify Workforce Needs

Cosgrove & Associates partnered with the Workforce Solutions Group and Center for Advanced Social Research to conduct a series of executive interviews with large employers in the St. Louis region. This research explored employers’ current and future workforce needs and identified skill gaps employers see in new/current employees.

Based upon the results of this project, Cosgrove & Associates produced a set of case studies aimed at helping employers and colleges strengthen their workforce development partnerships.