TAACCCT Evaluation


Cosgrove & Associates has extensive experience in TAA program/grant evaluation and the use of data for continuous improvement. Cosgrove & Associates is currently serving as the lead evaluator for Missouri’s Round 1 (MoHealthWINs) and Round 2 (MoManufacturingWINs) TAACCCT grants. Cosgrove & Associates is the Third Party Evaluator for Crowder College’s Round 2 TAACCCT grant and has provided data collection and analysis services for multi-state TAA Consortia. Cosgrove & Associates is a member of the Gates, Lumina, and Joyce Foundation-funded Transformative Change Initiative Evaluation Collaborative and is working with the Collaborative to facilitate a national conversation on TAA evaluation.

Cosgrove & Associates utilizes appropriate research methodologies and analysis tools to provide a rigorous measurement of the effectiveness of TAA programs and strategies across all spectrums of the grant: process, implementation, progress, outcome measures, and continuous improvement/sustainability. In addition, we provide professional development and technical assistance so faculty and staff are prepared to use data to improve performance, demonstrate accountability, meet DOL requirements, and explore program and student outcomes.

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